Interview with Penn State Football Commit Mark Allen

Mark Allen

This past week, I was able to interview another Penn State University football commit, this time it was running back Mark Allen.

Mark, was the first commit of the class when he committed back on October 16th of 2012, since then he has stayed with the Nittany Lions through all good and bad. In the past year, he has also learned a lot about himself as well. Allen, who most would consider small to play college football at 5-foot-7 and 185 pounds is setting out to prove everybody wrong, since just a week after his commitment to Penn State he tore his ACL.

Currently, Allen is ranked as the 146th running back in the nation and rated a 73 (both by ESPN) which is somebody who will have a small projected impact on a team. Well you cannot believe those ratings at all, since Penn State star WR and future NFL draftee Allen Robinson was only rated in the low 70s and in the 201st best wide receiver in the nation. When it comes down to it, he belonged in the top 10 in the nation and he proved over the past two seasons at Penn State.

But without further adieu, here’s the interview:

DC: You were the first commitment of the 2014 recruiting class when you committed back on October 16th, 2012. What about PSU then made you want to make such an early commitment?

MA: There were a lot of factors that played into my commitment to Penn state. Great education, outstanding fan base, fans that love you, football facilities, stadium, great coaches, and the bond I built with players that are there right now. 

DC: What was the most enticing thing about PSU that caused you to commit to the program?

MA: The bond I have with the current players on the team and the fans man I really love Penn state fans honestly they might be the best fans in the country. Also just what Penn State is all about. A school that’s built on tradition sort of a blue collar type of school. 

DC: Just a week after your commitment, you tore your ACL. What did you learn about yourself as a player and person while rehabbing?

MA: It was tough process to deal with. I learned that tough times come to everybody and am I going to be the person who backs down from this battle or am I going to overcome it and become victorious. In a way my injury taught me to be humble and patient. It molded me to break out of my comfort shell and fight through a rough time which I never had since the injury.

DC:  In five words, how would you describe you’re game?

MA: Explosive, quick, shifty, fast, and hard nose. What I mean by hard nose is not backing down from any challenge I have to face on the field . 

DC:  You’re one of three running back commits coming in the 2014 recruiting class which includes Johnathan Thomas and Nick Scott. Have you had any contact with either of them and if so, how well would say you’re chemistry between all of you is ?

MA:I haven’t really talked to nick that much but me and Johnny have great chemistry we text now and then to see how each other doing and I can’t wait to be apart of the PSU back field with him and Nick by my side. 

DC: When Bill O’Brien left for the Houston Texas, you we’re one of the first players of the recruiting class to say you’re staying, what about PSU helped you make such a quick decisions?

MA: I didn’t commit for just one man.  Of course Coach OB played a major role in my commitment but as I said early Penn State has great education, fans that love you, outstanding stadium and my chemistry with the players on the team now I felt I was already apart of the family. I also felt that it would show good character sticking by Nittany Nation through yet another rough time. I just felt I needed to be a leader and stick by Penn State’s side. 

DC:  On Twitter, you posted a picture of you texting some recruits talking and asking about their decisions to stay or leave. As the first commitment of the class, do you feel as though you’re a/the  leader of the class?

MA: I’ve taken the leader role since I was young so I just stepped in and took control. I knew a lot of other commits was going to be a bit wishy-washy since OB left and I knew right there that I had to keep the class together. I texted all the recruits asking what’s going on what are you thinking . They all were just ready to see who their going to bring in as the new head coach. All said they were still 100% PSU. I’m still constantly texting them making sure their still going be apart of Nittany Nation.

DC: BIll O’Brien said that he tried to contact all players and recruits before he left, with that said was he able to contact you and if so what in a simple sentence say to you (what type of message did he try to deliver?)

MA: He told me he took the job and that I’m a great kid and that he thought I should still stay at PSU…etc

DC: How committed are you to the program percentage wise?


DC: What current players are you looking forward to the most when it comes to working with?

MA: Looking forward to working with the whole team, I’m just ready to be apart of the PSU brotherhood so we can get to work and win some Games.

DC: What Big Ten team are you looking forward to playing the most?

MA: Wisconsin. Two of my teammates from high school are going there and their already talking a lot of trash. So I’m ready to put a beating on them. 

DC: Who is you’re biggest inspiration in just not football but life?

MA: My dad my mom and my uncle they all got my best interest and they push me to a level that makes me stand out on and off the field. 

DC: Biggest football inspiration? Danny Woodhead and Darren Sproles.

MA: They just give me hope that one day I can make if I just keep working . No matter your height or weight you just have to work and your dreams will come true. 

DC: Besides Penn State who did you receive offers from?

MA: Temple, Cincinnati & Wake Forest 

DC:  Anything you would like to say to the faithful PSU fans?
MA: Y’all are the best and I can’t wait to put TheALLENshow on for you guys in beaver stadium !! #WeARE

Dylan Callaghan-Croley is a featured writer on, and . He is currently in his junior year of high school and is taking several high level classes (AP and Honors). He is hoping to go to college and major in business or sports management with a minor in journalism.